A new challenge: “Yes, we can”

After a short break, when the competition stopped and Beijing commemorated the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, the SuperLeague returns next Saturday as we face Liaoning.
We have seven matches left until the end of the championship and everything is still up in the air. Although we are currently sitting in the fourth place, our intention is to fight for each remaining game and win them all. This is the new challenge we set ourselves as a team when we returned to training. If we achieve this goal, the dream of winning the title will become a reality. Each player is reminded of this by a sentence printed in large letters and hanging in every room: “YES, WE CAN”: the same motto that Barak Obama used during his campaign to become President of the United States.
With this motto we want to remind ourselves of what we achieved last season. We can and we will fight to win the remaining seven matches in a row, just like we did last year against Harbin, Jiangsu, Tianjing, Liaoning, Shanghai Shexin, Hangzhou and Evergrande at their own stadium. Last year, that impressive winning streak enabled us to fight for the title until the very last match, and we will do it again this season.
If you can dream something, you can believe it is possible. And if you believe it, you can work hard and make it happen. The first step is to win our next match on Saturday, when we visit Liaoning. I am convinced that the players will spare no effort whatsoever to make this come true, because they also believe that “Yes, we can”.


Firma_final3 GM





Gregorio Manzano Ballesteros

Head Coach of Beijing Guoan Football Club